my teammate for all things life

When I got married, life was rainbows and unicorns. Seriously, I think I had actual rainbows shooting out of my ass.

Things get tough, life happens. I’ve learned that no matter what life throws our way we always remember that we are a team. We have wins and losses, happy times and sad times, chaos and order… who am I kidding… CHAOS ALWAYS. Priorities shift and change, and new obstacles cloud around us as we navigate through life.

It’s not that no one told me life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. I knew this. We are human, and the thing that makes us stronger is challenge. Whether it be career, family, relationships, we face the challenges together and support each other through them. It can be hard and dirty and exhausting, but we are in it together.

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Who Doesn’t want to Go to Grandma’s?

Today started out like any other rainy school vacation day.  Exhaustion had set in from little monsters climbing in our bed at night.  Kid 1 and Kid 2 were in their jammies all morning. They wouldn’t get dressed. All I heard was “one more special treat” and, “we want to watch another show,” and all I wanted was 1 hour  5 seconds without interruption so I could form a complete thought.  I begged arranged for my mother-in-law to take the kids overnight

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I ran a half marathon.

My sister has been asking me for 8 years to run a half marathon with her.  I, like most of you, don’t consider myself “a runner.” I enjoy sports, hiking, and am generally active.  My sister and I grew up playing sports together all year through high school. I run to stay “in shape,” and to keep up with my little ones and feel good. If you rewind back through many life changes- including 2 beautiful kiddos, moving to a

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