I ran a half marathon.

FullSizeRender (1)_editedMy sister has been asking me for 8 years to run a half marathon with her.  I, like most of you, don’t consider myself “a runner.” I enjoy sports, hiking, and am generally active.  My sister and I grew up playing sports together all year through high school. I run to stay “in shape,” and to keep up with my little ones and feel good.

If you rewind back through many life changes- including 2 beautiful kiddos, moving to a great neighborhood across town, and career moves- the last thing in the entire world I wanted to do was run.  I got off to a decent start, because I was getting married and wanted to loose a little “happy chub,” which caused me to eat a lot healthier.  I felt great.  We decided after the newlywed year that we wanted to start a family.

Fast Forward to about 2 years ago.  We had recently moved across town.  It was a great neighborhood, and 2 of my neighbors always ran together.  They would ask me all the time to run with them, but with winter approaching and having just moved, I took a rain check every time.

Last January, my neighbor (we can call her my friend now) asked me to run with her.  I had been walking a neighbor’s dog so I had been on a pretty regular schedule of walking the neighborhood.  I got hooked.  I slept better, I felt better, and I shed a few inches. I started my first part time job since becoming a mom, and life got super busy.  I worked from home as an Executive Assistant, and I got tired.  In the shuffle of life, I ran a little less, but still kept up.  I also played basketball about once a week, so I kept “in shape.”

I forget when I decided to sign up for 13.1 miles.  It was maybe January, and not only my sister, but my friend had also been asking me to run a half.  We all signed up, including a couple other women in town.  I was motivated, and had a plan to train over the next couple months and would be ready to go come May.

INSERT LIFE HERE>  The weeks passed and I would squeeze in a few miles here and there, but I just couldn’t didn’t make the time.  I was tired, the kids got sick, I had to work, the list goes on and on.  Excuses really, but I know that I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to do it, the timing was just off.  Long story short, it didn’t get better as the race day approached.  I wasn’t prepared, but I was doing it with my sister.  She had been asking me for 8 years.  I wanted to do it for me too, but like I said, the timing was off.

Race Day: My friend, my sister and I carpooled to the race.  I had been dreading it.  I was looking forward to just getting through it.  We had a few laughs on the ride in, and the sun was shining.  I wasn’t nervous, and really just knew once we started I would be fine.


We took our pre-race selfie and off we went.  I honestly loved every second of it… except that there was no beer tent at the end.  I clearly wasn’t fully informed before signing up.

Running with my sister gave me a boost.  I didn’t stop because I knew she wouldn’t stop. I didn’t even think about stopping.  This took me through the middle 7 miles.  Once I hit 10, it was hard but I knew I could do it.  There was no doubt.  There is no doubt in my mind that running with my sister lifted me up and made me stronger.


We crushed it!

The feeling of accomplishment when you achieve a goal is motivating, and inspirational, and it makes us want more.  I had been looking at this all wrong.  I simply just wasn’t paying attention.  It took me too long to realize that I should have just listened to her the first time she asked me to run a half marathon.  She had done it.  She knew how it felt.  She wanted to share that with me.  How did I not get it?  I get it now.  I’ll never forget it.

My friend knew the same thing. That’s why she kept asking.

Pay attention to the people who pull you in to make you feel good. These are the keepers.

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