Why “that Arbonne thing”

I wanted nothing to do with “that Arbonne thing” everyone was asking me to try last year. I had dabbled in some “safer” products over the past year or so, but nothing seemed to actually do anything, and I only felt better for being an adult and washing my face… and using eye cream. I had been looking for something to kick me into action last October. I had looked at a few of the newest fitness/nutrition networking companies, figuring if I needed to spend all that money I may as well be able to get a discount! Nothing seemed to be a sustainable option. I was completely overwhelmed by moving to cleaner, organic, safer foods, and never quite understood why it made sense to spend so much more money.

It wasn’t until I was literally hitting a wall. Waking up like I got hit by a train, drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day, constantly crashing from the coffee buzz, and then hitting the wine, beer or vodka come 5ish. I can give you about a thousand and one excuses to try and justify this cycle I was in, but they don’t matter. All that mattered was that I decided I needed to make a dramatic change. Luckily, my old friend/coach/teacher had come for a visit with her son. We were catching up and she had mentioned the clean eating through Arbonne before, but this day I had decided I needed to change my lifestyle. She brought me samples and goodies to try. I fell instantly in love with the skincare and some spa products. I decided to sign up for the 28 day clean eating challenge, not really knowing what I was getting into. Again, it didn’t matter, because I decided to make the change. I signed on as a consultant to get the bigger discount, thinking that if this were to be a sustainable option, I’d want to have the discount on the products I’d continue to use, even if only the skincare.
Flash forward- Everyone says the clean eating changed their life. I’m saying it’s changing my family’s life. I have learned so much about how to fuel the body like a machine. You wouldn’t put fuel in your vehicle that was going to make your vehicle run slower, or break down. You change your oil so your engine doesn’t blow, why not clean out your body so your body doesn’t break down? Why would you fuel your body with food that makes you feel sluggish, tired and bloated? Why would you fuel your body with addictive foods that cause the body to work harder to manage what you’ve put into your system? For me, it is so clear now, because I’ve done it. I have never felt better and I’m not drinking coffee at all, (for months now) and having more energy during that “witching hour” to prepare a healthy dinner and get the kids ready for bed has been life changing in itself!

You can see the difference- But to feel the difference is what it’s all about.
My husband is finishing up the clean eating program this week. He’s dropped 20 lbs, and has never felt better. His back pain went away when his bloated stomach did. He has a new mindset on how to fuel his body. He’s looking at food differently because he can feel the difference.

If you want to make that change, do it. There will always be an excuse.
“But it’s so expensive!” Guys, I used to think this too. BUT IT’S YOUR HEALTH. Would you rather pay for preventative care now, or medical bills later? If you’re giving up coffee, K cups are at least 50 cents each. If you’re hitting up DD or Starbucks a couple times a week, it adds up fast. For this month you’re giving that, and alcohol up. You also won’t be purchasing sweets or junk food. For a little over $8/day you can do this program. It’s 1 month. Actually 28 days. It’s sustainable, because once you clean out that machine, you need to treat it like you love it. Treat your body as though you love it and want it to be its best.
“Well we grew up eating all of that and we are fine.” Ok, so maybe you’re fine. But, is “fine” good enough? I’m willing to bet you are fine, but wish you had more energy. I bet you’re fine, but hate that your grown up body aches, and you feel bloated a lot of the time. Your body is going to give you a lot of symptoms and signs that it doesn’t like what you are feeding it. Please listen. A good friend always says, “ok, but now you know. Know better, do better.”
I’m sharing this gift with almost everyone I know who will listen. If you had information that could help your neighbor’s health issues, would you share it? If you could help your best friend feel more energy to get through her busy day, would you tell her? I signed up for a discount, I got mega results inside and out, and I’m sharing it with you all. There are Arbonne Consultants out there making a living from this business. I think that’s great. Maybe someday that will be me. Now that I’m getting healthy, that is a goal of mine. It’s no different than being a fitness coach for a living. But for now, helping you is good enough for me.

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