I recently discovered that I was feeling mediocre.  Worse than that, I have been doing a crappy job at life. By life, I mean in general. Not a great mom, not a great wife, and certainly not great at my career.  I have been in such a reactive mode over the past few years, constantly trying to get my head above water.  Not just water.  Flood water.  When exactly did the flood gates open? All I can say is I haven’t been taking care of ME. My tank is always empty. I’m running on fumes and everything exhausts me.

INSERT Arbonne: I’m in love. Pure, safe, natural, botanical, vegan, and effective.

I noticed results in a very short amount of time, (using samples) and decided to dive in. What I’m getting is more energy, focus, and overall feeling better from the inside out. My skin is looking great, (I struggle with blemishes and puffy eyes due to lack of sleep and anxiety) but that all seems to be a sign of my past.  To be honest I was swollen. I was swollen from eating junk, and not taking care of myself enough. Combining a 30 day cleanse with regular exersize is the key to making a healthy lifestyle change.

When I say I dove in, I mean it. I’m now an Independent Consultant so that I can share what this great company has to offer with all of you! You can join me and become my preferred client, and receive great discounts off your orders, a personal care experience for any questions or needs you might have, and a jump start to a healthier life!  I want to help you be your best too!

I’d love to tell you more. If you are interested in trying some Arbonne samples, or hosting a party to earn awesome deals and help share this amazing line of skincare, nutrition, makeup, bath and body, and hair products, please reach out to me! 

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